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    Hmm, I do have a few points rattling around, might be tempted by PvZ - another of the tables that passed me by.

    My 121m on ESB is good, but it could've been so much better. I had 109m of those points on ball one. It was extended by just one extra ball. I was helped one of the EMPIRE bonuses for Chewbacca, which basically gives you your ball-out bonus score, without taking away your bonus multiplier or the scores themselves. At that time, I had a x9 multiplier - multipliers are raised by lighting horizontal lines of the SKYWALKER lights in the top three lane-thingies - and this x9 multiplier meant I made about 15m from my midgame bonus payment, and another 24m or thereabouts by the time the ball finally drained.

    That's not to say that the multipliers are the priority thing you should chase, but they're definitely something to try and remember to light up those letters each time the ball goes round the top.

    I just love the missions really - the TIE shooting one is great fun, the Scene ones are cool, although I still have no idea how to get trooper hits at the start of Scene 2, and even trying to combo-build the JEDI and SITH multiballs is pretty cool.

    The lightsabre minigame, where you deflect bolts on the Falcon, has three controls to it, too. Left and Right bumpers deflect shots where the drone is left or right, but in the middle you have to press the Launch button - A for me on 360, to deflect bolts fired from the centre. Took me ages to figure this out, because I am a dummy. A dummy with 121m points, but still...
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