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    pinebear wrote:
    X201 wrote:
    Psiloc wrote:
    No, Lovefilm doesn't work without being signed in to PSN. Why is anyone's guess.

    I thought someone had found a workaround.

    Can't you just keep cancelling the sign-in attempt until the Lovefilm software gives up and goes home (to Lovefilm, taking you with it)?
    Not heard about a workaround, but repeatedly cancelling the sign in prompt didn't work for me, it eventually took me to a "Sorry but what the fuck is going on?" page and told me to quit the software.

    21 consoles, 5 handhelds, 2 PCs, 1 Mac and about 700 games from the past 30 years. Every major manufacturer and developer represented. Still a fanboy for disagreeing with you.

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