#7424375, By CloisterBlack The "PSN is down for maintenance" thread

  • CloisterBlack 4 May 2011 21:13:16 18 posts
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    @andi, thankfully I never used the store for more than demos. Hell even if I purchased stuff though I'd be using PSN prepaid cards anyway, so no big deal in this regard.
    As for the mail being spelled wrong, that's also an impossibility , at least from my part. I had received a couple or so emails from PSN before, regarding news and stuff.

    However, come to think of it I never received that one that informed you about the new ToS of the PSN, sent about a month or two, ago.
    Even stranger, I got both of these emails on my one-time-used-newly-created American account.
    Strange things..
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