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    HiddenAway wrote:
    If you are extremely paranoid, the most you can do that isn't as drastic would be just to monitor your transactions more often for the time being. If something looks suspicious, let your bank/credit card company know.

    This is true, but I really can't be arsed with this business right now and I'm sure I'm not alone. The PS3 experience is meant to be fun, and whilst not their fault entirely, this is a bit of an inconvenience that I'd rather rectify ASAP than have to deal with disputed transactions should they appear later on.

    Sony's cagey, vague pr speak regarding firmware updates, XMB icon sizes and the odd behind-schedule Store update doesn't put me up nor down. Crap they're responsible for that might actually have an effect on a customer's life, however small, I expect firm, transparent answers and not to have to infer things just because they haven't directly answered them. They've been asked about 40 times, no exaggeration, "Has personal information been compromised?" and have yet to answer "No."

    This renders any "Sony should let you know this", "Sony would have done this" and my personal favourite from another forum "By law, they HAVE to inform you..." absolutely moot for me. They are either being pig ignorant with regards to customers legitimate concerns, still don't know themselves or... dum...dum...dum... have discovered the worst and are wondering just how the hell to release something so irrevocably damaging to the public.
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