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    OK, everyone was right - knife dual-wielding is rubbish! I expect that means that dual-wielding in general is rubbish, unless you're dual-wielding shields. :p

    Tried Velka's Rapier for my sorcerer-with-dex, and it was effective enough for me to keep using it (rather than using the lightning spear again). At 36 Int 20 Dex it was nice, but then I got to the Giant and found Velka's Rapier was twinkly-upgradeable! At +5 it's a real beast. Can't see it being replaced for some time. *Think* it's A for Int, C or D for Dex scaling, which suits me.

    O&S went down super-fast. :D Homing soul mass + Soul Spear is nice. Really enjoying this magic build. Finally replaced that crimson robe hat with a gargoyle helmet to increase my physical and lightning defense, and to stop looking like the guy from Magicka, but keeping the Crimson Robe and Skirt (also twinkly-upgradeable. Ahhh, you new players won't remember the pain of farming/sourcing twinkling titanite before the Giant was patched to sell it).
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