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    Here's kinda what I mean by a man-at-arms; the role-play element would be that he's a sunbro who assists other Knights in their quests. So, a summon character I suppose. No intelligence (but as 'faithful' as a bloodhound) as befits a sub-noble peasant warrior :lol:, mixed dexterity and strength to use those dandy pole-arms more effectively. Probably going to look something like this:

    And the stats will be kinda as thus:

    Vitality - 40
    Attunement - 13
    Endurance - 50
    Strength - 16
    Dexterity - 32
    Intelligence - 8
    Resistance - 11
    Faith - 30

    Well, probably anyway :-P
    EDIT - Quaddy, if you see this, it's not a hint to start another build...

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