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  • Roos-V 8 Feb 2012 14:33:10 467 posts
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    I finally, finally, completed this game last night after starting it in November last year. SL 83 and 62 hours pumped into it.

    The last boss was a slog though. I've spent the game not bothering to parry opponents, finding an opening to hit him isn't the easiest to do without parrying. I'd got him down to one hit left when the gf walked in last night, distracted me and I was dead. I could've punched the tv at that point. Got him on the try after that though.

    Fired straight into NG+, and am trying to stay in human form as much as possible on this run through. Managed to ring the first bell in about half an hour! Feel like a god...this will not last I fear.

    Think I may have to put it down for a while though, other games are starting to call on me. Fair play to those that have all achievements/trophies on this, not something I'd have the dedication or time to try to plow through.

    If only they'd port Demon's Souls to the 360...
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