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    I'm playing through so blonde now aswell. it's ok, character is annoying in the beginning. but doesn't grate as much as it goes on. I left it at the third day last night. there definitely is way too many inventory items (at two full bars or so now, there are maybe ten items per bar), and combining inventory items has always and will always suck ass. definitely too much running between locations here aswell. but I do like this game a lot more than the two sam&max s3 episodes I've played so far.

    in other adventuregames news I played through another dtp published game a couple of days ago, 15 days, by house of tales (moment of silence, mystery of the druids and of course overclocked a history of violence). and holy shit what a crap game. probably the worst adventure game I can remember playing. worst most annoying possible trio of main characters, plot is idiotic to the extreme. technical execution is shit aswell. so many awkward camera angles cuts and weird animation things going on in there. the parts where you control the police guy is ok. but then towards the end the game ditches him and I have no idea why he was even playable at all. worthless game. edit: the game is really really simplistic adventuregame throughout, it's amazing how they managed to fuck it up so hard. the ending being rushed is ok, and it really is a terrible ending, I guess they ran out of time or money on it. whatever. but at no other point in the game is it a polished or good gane either. hilarious.
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