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    Gearskin wrote:I'm still AMAZED by the bile being spewed at it and the developers. I honestly can't think of the last time I saw "fans" get this worked up over something.
    Looking at the game from a less-biased point of view, judging it by its merits, citing its positives and negatives like any level-headed gamer should... that's all well and good, and should absolutely be the goal of any review that comes out for the game. It can come out with 8's and 9's across the board if it deserves it. There's nothing wrong with that.

    But there's also nothing wrong with fans of the old games not being happy with the changes that have been made. Much in the way that the new Hitman might be good but it has enough changes in place to understandably upset fans to a degree, so too it could be the case with this one. DMC fans are in a bad position if we wanted to see a proper DMC game come back. If this does well we get DmC2. If not, Capcom blames fans, or the IP, and doesn't support it further.

    Gearskin wrote:I'm also getting really bored of reading about "Emo Dante". I mean... If the way a character looks before even opening his mouth can result in some kind of labelling, what would the face value of Dante in DMC3 be?
    Doesn't help when NT come out on Day One practically slating the old Dante's design and attitude. This new Dante was an ugly character design to start with and perhaps it is too harsh to judge the character based off that alone, I can agree. But then you see the attitude he has. The things he says. It's just immature writing and trying far too hard to be 'edgy' to the point where DMC fans and neutrals alike have already made it clear about their distain for the character. I mean, have you seen anyone in here that does like him?

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