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    But the framerate hasnt made a blind bit of difference and, based on the demo, the heaps of videos, and previews of the near final product, the negative comments STILL flood in.

    Ign posted a preview a short while ago... Comments section exploded.

    Eurogamer? Exploded.

    Capcom Unity stage demo? Exploded.

    Early review news articles? Exploded. The reviews are wrong, apparently and the only reason its scoring well is because the mechanics are broken and the game is easy. Which means that people with "no skill" are made to feel like they have some and therefore enjoy this "atrocity".

    This is the level we are dealing with.

    I like games. I like reading about them. But having to wade into crap like that to find decent conversation? Kinda painful.

    At this point, Ninja Theory has little to prove. I expect a metacritic rating in the high 80s. Wont stop the bile.
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