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    Deckard1 wrote:
    Salaman wrote:
    Stop changing the bloody thread title! I don'thave it open the whole day and each time I think "what's this new thread then?" only to end up back in this clusterfuck.

    Oh whilst we're complaining about pedo jokes. The "Zom is a psycho" jokes got old about 3 years back as well.
    The guy can't show his face in the match.com thread or someone will pop in just to shout "...is this after you killed her/wore her skin/..."

    It's fucking annoying and if it was directed at me I'd do my head in. He seems to shrug it off admirably well but I'm sure it's far from funny.
    If he doesn't rise to the bait, so you'd think that makes people stop after a while. Just carrying on that same old "joke" is getting on my tits by now, so surely he must be sick of it already.
    When was the last time anyone said anything to him? It must be months?
    About 6 months ago, which is around the last time I said much in there (not entirely coincidentally). I don't take it personally or get offended by it, but even several years after all the "incidents" (for want of a better word) I pretty much can't say anything in that thread without it happening. I don't mind being the subject of a few jokes, and I'm aware I mostly brought it on myself, but it is really tedious now, it's just the same lines over and over again. If I land myself in another spectacular mess and give everyone cause for some new material, then knock yourselves out, but the old stuff just isn't funny anymore.
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