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    kadooosh wrote:
    sirtacos wrote:
    Not really digging this latest Bioshock.

    I suppose the undersea theme held more appeal to me, but there's more to it than that. Despite the undeniable technical prowess behind Infinite, it feels a bit 'light' in terms of gameplay. It's all very basic shooty shooty stuff. Shoot powers with left hand, shoot bullets with right. Get the McGuffin.Open a tear in the fabric of reality. Proceed to next area. It feels clunky and dated.

    The plot hasn't really grabbed me either. I'll see it through anyway. but I hope it gets more compelling.
    I'm with ya on this, I actually got half way through and just couldn't be arsed. Sold it yesterday.
    Actually missed out on one of the greatest endings in the history of computer games. But enjoy your 30-odd trade-in.
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