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    Goodfella wrote:

    My only gripe is that the 'gameplay' seriously does get in the way of the amazing world. It's unfortunate that they have sort of gone the CoD route, (with large waves of enemies and just like the new Tomb Raider game did), as opposed to facing off with just a few enemies at a time in a strategic fashion, like the first Bioshock game.
    This is what took the shine off the game for me, I really didn't get on with the combat and the way the game throws waves at enemies at you while also limiting your options with two guns and limited salts. This got really annoying during a particular fight with resurrecting enemies!

    There weren't enough sections with skyrails either which were the only times I looked forward to fights rather than dreading them. The penultimate battle in the game was one of my favourites because of the multiple ways you could zip around the area, most importantly with no fucking Handyman to stop you using them!

    I'll never get my Orc looking the same again.

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