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    Personally I feel there is wasted opportunity in creating a beautifully rich, detailed world with amazing art design and atmosphere, combined with an attempt to craft a good story if you have a relatively limited playstyle; because the danger is in becoming a more style over substance thing. Collecting audio recordings and using vigors/plasmids, which are essentially even more magic-style weapons doesn’t replace/add that substance either. The skyhook is an interesting way of traversing a vertically themed environment, but whether its use is used for interesting gameplay ideas is another question.

    I appreciated the world, atmosphere and story of something things like Shenmue I+II more, because the “game” part was more varied and interesting to play. Even Deus Ex 1 (with the larger environments and the not-dumbed-down but ok sequels) was based around being inventive, coming up with solutions to problems using the tools at your disposal and the environment around you. I remember sometimes using a biomod to lift crates to remove a blocked alternate path, or another biomod to sprint around the rooftops matrix style. It felt like you were using your brain to figure out how to play the game and work out objectives. Not sure the same can be really said of the bioshock series, and even tbh, System Shock 2. Granted, many people are fine with that. But it seems the 10/10s are being handed out on art style/atmosphere/storytelling/the ending staying with you long after the game, rather than any interesting gameplay ideas.

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