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    Pepsipop wrote:
    Ultrasoundwave wrote:
    Just read that Videogamer review fully, and this paragraph is interesting :

    It is fascinating, and also boring. It is important, yet forgettable. Its world is enticing and unappealing. It attempts to move things forward, yet is in places stuck in the past. For a game that has the potential to open up the franchise up to a multitude of different ideas and interpretations, BioShock Infinite can feel curiously limited.
    Completely goes against what the majority of the reviews are saying......?
    That is my thoughts exactly to the word.
    I'm 8 hours in and in some ways it is magical but at the same time I'm very very bored.
    I definitely agree with you here. In the 5 or 6 hours I've played so far I've enjoyed exploring the world and liked the story so far but absolutely dreaded any sort of big fight because this game has the same iffy combat as the first Bioshock, and it can be pretty boring at times.

    Currently getting really pissed off with the first Handyman fight because the movement in this game is too sluggish, and the aiming too imprecise, to cope with an enemy that is constantly jumping right into your face and setting off health draining are effect attacks when you're trying to aim at his tiny weakspot. Fucker is immune to most of the vigors as well.

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    I'll never get my Orc looking the same again.

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