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    Non-EU students wouldn't have to pay. They're not in the system. In fact they might have a few things to say about the system if the exploitative nature of tuition fees was more well known.

    Tuition is £9k per student per year for a lab subject. We cap Universities at £3300 in direct payment from students (loaned to avoid Uni being restricted to the Tarquins of the world) and the Gov_t pays for the rest. ICL is £21k per year in tuition for a non-EU application. Oxford is £18k. So they're paying for at least two students with their fees, well above the Gov_t's spending per person on Uni education. Obviously, if you asked them to try and pay a graduate tax somehow you'd get a lot of laughing. There are already some worries floating about about top Universities pricing themselves out of the international market at these current price levels.
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