#7991561, By Ahskay I've got OnLive and I like it.

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    quadfather wrote:
    NunianVonFuch wrote:
    @quadfather It's to do with wireless broadband increasing the lag. You could run an ethernet cable if you haven't already. It'll improve your lag online for console/PC games too.

    Cheers for that.

    So I'd need to

    a) persuade the wife that a 40 metre rj45 lead is the Right thing to have in a house, and
    b) Magically make my bumegged internet connection better than 2mb which cannot happen because I live in a valley where we've only just stopped wanking about electricity

    Make it 60m+, otherwise the wife complains that the cable is visible. You'll need the extra length to go over doorways and to follow the wall.

    :) I have experience with that situation.
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