#7723363, By Dragon Age 2

  • Deleted user 31 July 2011 14:48:50
    Legacy isn't bad, just a bit overpriced. I got a good three hours out of it and don't regret the purchase. Storywise it suffers the same issue as DA2 in that it has an illusion of choice but the outcome is still virtually the same, much like ME2 arrival. It still seems like a big setup for Dragon Age 3 but the game has suffered too much for it.

    The boss is a pain. Your AI companions are useless and the way its been designed forces you to play it in a specific way without making that clear leading to a lot of deaths and frustration. The first time I managed to beat him was virtually solo, one man and his dog! After learning how the game expects you to do it its not as bad. I didn't encounter any of the bugs mentioned in the GS review, even after playing through a few times, but I'm on 360 not PC.
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