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    Atmosphere and story, yes. This is still Metro that is worth playing. Just the technical aspects seem a little wtf:

    Limited graphic options, can't window it. The shadows feel like...they're not as good as they were in Metro 2033. I dunno, maybe I'm missing something but I shine my flash-light on anna and she isn't creating a shadow from it. That seems like basic stuff from very high settings on FPS games these days. Been a while since I played Metro 2033 but LL doesn't feel like it has advanced in anything at a visual level.

    At another point I managed to crash the game that I just got the 'console'. Where it just spat out info to me like xbox_state_data.

    And meh about the hurt over marketing speak to sell ranger mode. A real minority even bothered playing it in Metro 2033 and even less managed to finish it, it isn't a necessary aspect to play the game; only for hardcore junkies.

    There is still 'hardcore' difficulty in normal mode. Ranger mode just takes away HUD, supporting info and just enhance hardcore to a ridiculous point. It isn't a must-have, just like it never was a must-have in 2033. Pointless to rage over it.

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