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    The Wiimote in general is just a bit shit for games. It quite clearly a worse controller than a joypad for me, I think history will look back on it in that way. Nobody anywhere is excited about using a Wiimote anymore, the novelty of it died years ago, even for tennis and golf games. I think people will look back on it as a bit of a late-00's fad. And yes I would go as far as calling the whole thing a fad. I know Wii U supports Wiimotes, but nobody talks about using them. I'll be interested to see if Sony try to keep Move alive with the PS4.

    Waggle only exists because there's a very limited number of things you can do with a device such as the Wiimote. Its best feature is the pointer, but the pointer is useless in the majority of games types. It's similar to a computer mouse. You have a very limited number of genres that a KB&M excels in - FPS, TPS, RTS, maybe a couple more. It's the same with the Wiimote pointer, and if your game isn't suitable to pointing then you have to use the controller in a different way, and that next logical step is waggle. Waggle is basically an extra button.
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