#9406457, By Which Country Produces the Best Beer?

  • Deleted user 28 February 2013 20:11:24
    meme wrote:
    Italian beer is flavourless piss, much like American export beer. Germany is where it's at. Weissbier is fucking ace. The single best pint I ever had came from a pub in Greenwich that I can't remember the name of (it's the one where Nelson went, or something like that), and it was a weissbier I also can't remember the name of. But I'd actually murder someone to get hold of it again.
    http://www.trafalgartavern.co.uk/ It's this pub. I've been in there several times and once had a great pint of Doom Bar. I'll have a look for that Weissbier the next time I go in there (could be a long time though) :)

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