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    I like the sounds of the dual wielding of weapons/spells sounds like a brilliant addition, the introduction of children was needed in a bid for the Elder Scrolls Universe seem more like it is another world(eventhough it already has that feel in Morrowind, Oblivion etc).

    I think Multiplayer would ruin the experience of an Elder Scrolls game, these games are made for you to get lost in and basically be your character in the game, you wouldn't have these oppurtunities if they had multiplayer.

    I would like more relationship building options within the game, an opportunity to build a proper business empire (more than just investing 500 Gold in a store) like actually buy the stores, more companion options, better NPC reactions etc, not to get put in jail for picking up a watermelon for hygenical reasons haha, more conversation options and for NPC's to not repeat the same crap they always do.

    Aslong as the formula of the previous games is there and it hasn't took too much influence from the Fallout games then I'll be a happy man :)
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