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    Following on from my TI-99 games thread, I've got some videos from several lesser known (IMO) DOS games:

    Universe Adventure game by Core Design. Here's the intro for anyone interested in the back story for your character.

    Gender Wars Poor man's Syndicate clone developed by SCi. Not much to say really other than it has some poor pathfinding.

    Azrael's Tear A first person adventure game sort of like System Shock in style with pretty good graphics (for the time).

    EGA Trek Entertaining starship simulation game. Probably the best "Star Trek" game of it's type at the time IMO. Harder levels introduce all sorts of interesting mission events, from continual system failures, enemy starbases, cloaked ships, supernovas, etc.

    Bedlam Syndicate clone with an emphasis on destruction of pretty much everything.

    Fade to Black Ok this is probably reasonably well known. However it wasn't really as popular as it's predecessor.

    Cyclones FPS developed by Raven and published by SSI.

    The final two are:

    Space Pirates Laughably bad interactive light gun game.

    Spycraft Interactive movie adventure game. The video says it all really.
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