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    Roz, given who you support, you very much live in a glass house with very few panes of glass left, maybe not wise to try and make more of that, than necessary.

    Sure it was scummy, but Terry and cole are bound to have bettered that within 5 minutes of their next respective starts.
    :lol: I think I will try and use this gif daily now. Terry and Cole have never shown this kind kind of agression to a ref, Rio will rightly get a big suspension.
    You... can't actually be serious. Surely? I mean, I assumed because you support Chelsea that you had watched them at some stage.

    Under Mourinho especially, they were the worst I've ever seen for this kind of stuff.
    I think your delusional, this is definatly worse then anything Terry and Cole have done to a ref. utd have always been the worse though, the FA had to really step up punishment for dissent after those famous incidents with Keane and Stam chasing refs around the pitch. If Rio doesn't get banned its a fucking disgrace
    What about Drogba and Ballack?
    As a Chelsea fan you have nothing to say here.

    Oh believe me I had plenty to say and did. One thing I did learn though was to be less emotionally invested in a game I am not even playing in.
    We were robbed of four penalties in our favor, the referring was a disgrace.

    Also the prior year when Tevez goaded Drogba into slapping him with two fingers. If a player instigates provocation, he should be sent off too.
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