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    Mr_Sleep wrote:
    kentmonkey wrote:
    Otherwise, every player was at their natural level - nowhere near Bayern's.
    I was just reading back through this thread as I wondered if anyone had made this point. To me, Bayern Munich are one of the best teams in the world and Arsenal are not, the idea that Arsenal should be winning the game just isn't true. It possibly should have been a closer match but Bayern are a class act.

    As with all managerial changes, the question should be more concerned with who can be got in that will improve things. As it is I can't see anyone out there that will drastically improve things. To me, Arsenal would be punching above their weight challenging for the premiership or champions league.

    Don't think anyone was expecting us to win.
    I personally think yesterday will be a big eye-open to Wenger. For a while, he's believed this team was still capable of being a champion, european-contender squad, just not far from it. What that showed him was just how far aware his idea of this being this global force he believes it could be, is.
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