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    kalel wrote:
    fergal_oc wrote:
    We competed whilst playing decent football for 20mins in Madrid and most of a half in Amsterdam
    I just can't take you seriously when you think things like this are valid points in the face of spending over £900m since your current owners took over.

    That and the whole suddenly becoming a huge City fan and an expert on football the minute your club became the richest in the world thing.

    Sorry again, I know I'm not being nice (or perhaps even constructive), but there it is.
    I don't think you're being harsh. I think your perception of me all of a sudden becoming a huge City fan is incorrect, but that's your perception and you're entitled to it.

    I liken City to the Welsh rugby team. Full of excellent players but not quite getting it right. Wales have lost 7 consecutive test matches, which on the face of it is appauling form, especially given the expectations. But I then look a little deeper and see that most of those games have been lost in the last few minutes or by less than 7pts. I can see that they are competing but they're missing something, maybe it's their coaching or over coaching but something is missing.

    As for City, well I can't do anything about the £900m spent. I try to be objective and look for positives. I'm a glass half full guy and I understand that being so rubs some people up the wrong way. For that I am sorry.
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