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    For various reasons, lack of attendance being the big one, the evo tickets prize was kept over till this weeks inferno tournament.

    None of the top 3 can go, so it's still unclear what the situation re: the ticket is.

    Here are the results anyway

    48 participants

    1st - Cobelcog (Cammy)
    2nd - Bush (Chun-Li/Blanka)
    3rd - Azza (Dictator)
    4th - fake_roogle (Boxer)
    5th - Liquidswords (Fei Long)
    5th - The Hound (Akuma/Adon/Dictator)
    7th - unky chop chop (Ken)
    7th - Doctor DooM (Guile)
    9th - Ken B (Claw)
    9th - Owwmykneecap (Claw)
    9th - D4RK ONION (E. Honda)
    9th - FutureGuy (Ryu)
    13th - Jim (Cammy)
    13th - Malachy (Boxer/El Fuerte)
    13th - Speedhaak (Boxer)
    13th - Sisko (Ryu/Ibuki)

    Here is a link to some video of the final matches streamed from my phone.


    Better quality video will be up later.
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