#9340983, By PenguinJim Anyone use Turtle Beach headsets (or similar)

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    RedSparrows wrote:
    I connect speakers to TV via a cable for my TBs.

    Ah, yes, I have one of those lying around too:


    But for a 2.1 system, I think the bass control on the DSS will be rather important! Won't be able to play with levels on the TV like I'd be able to on a PC. I doubt the DSS's pro-logic or faux-surround will improve the sound, but it'll be something to play with, too.

    Although the more that I think about it... I'd rather get ginormous speakers and dispense with analoguey stuff altogether and have a great home theatre system. :mad: But then again... the sound from the TV is fine, I can hear it, there's no problem, why do I need to upgrade at all..? :p Damnit. I'm going to go around in circles for a bit ->

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