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    Got Little Inferno because it has glowing praise everywhere, but I foolishly chose not to read any reviews after I heard to do so was to spoil almost everything the game has to offer. I've discovered it's not really that much of a game, more a satire about Freemium that just happens to look a bit like a game.

    The rest might be a bit spoilery if you don't want to know anything about it,but I won't spoil the discoveries or the story. It's basically an abstract and rather dark tale thats being told through the medium of burning every single thing you can get your hands on, rightly or wrongly, in a fireplace. That's it. Burn stuff, get coins, buy more stuff, burn it, unlock a bit more of the story and more stuff to burn.

    The only gameplay is that if you burn certain items together you unlock a combo,which contributes to unlocking more stuff to burn.

    It's packed with charm and the tale is the most interesting thing going on but anyone who has played Braid or Limbo may be able to suss out exactly what's going on pretty much in the first five minutes, they signpost it heavily.

    It's actually pretty cool in terms of presentation, not surprisingly given one of the guys that made World Of Goo is involved (which should also signpost for you the dark direction it takes), but only if it's accurately described thusly: a dark tale and a satire at the expense of Freemium, told through the abstract medium of simple game theory. But not actually a Game.

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