#9583220, By ubergine Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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    I thought aspects of the writing were pretty great, I was quite invested in the research articles and questions posed by augmentation and what makes us human. One of the boss guys has no cock. I found that pretty confronting. Basically he's just a head on super-cyber-body and has no penis-action to motivate him. Dude should be crying in a corner somewhere or distracting his mind every instant with computer games. Oh.

    The kerazy streetwhize black woman was pretty bad, but not because she was a horrible stereotype because I see people who talk like that all the fucking time on Cops. The voice acting just wasn't that great to carry it off, should have been toned down a bit or the character changed to a race people aren't angered by bad depictions of, like Asian people or Russians, who are technically also Asians.


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