#5843845, By Gretters What's the most you've paid for a new game?

  • Gretters 19 Feb 2010 10:28:35 2,628 posts
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    Bought the 32X just for Doom, so I guess that means £230 (£180 for the 32X and £50 for Doom).

    Thereafter I bought Virtua Racing 32X for about £40 (as I had realised Doom was ridiculously hobbled, and I needed some kind of redemption for my purchase) and mocked my mate who paid £79.99 for the MD 'SVP' version.

    Dearest single purchase (game alone) is probably tied at £60 for Guitar Hero 3 (with the guitar) on 360, and Turok 2 (with RAM pak thingy) on N64.
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