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    Cheers Saucy.

    A little nervous but very excited as well as it's my home city and the start and finish under the Liver buildings even as a spectator gave me chills last year so as I approach the finish taking part it's going to be quite emotional as I've given everything in training and come so far as a person and going from a 19 stone fatty to 15 stone in over a year

    My life has changed and how much confidence it's given me as I was in a vicious circle where I was unhappy with myself so I'd comfort eat and was very much an introvert but since I had that conversation with my best friend who helped me get to 10k and came to my first race and has supported me through to the half training despite her moving away even if it's a text message offering a well done etc means so much. She's seeing me home from Liverpool before we are having a lovely lunch and catchup should be an amazing day.

    Also despite it's criticism of Late Nike has been invaluable with it's well done's and milestone logging (When they work ha)

    Yes I am thinking I'm turning into the Harry Kewell of running ha every pain I suddenly have that jaws moment where the background fades away ha, should be ok fingers crossed going to give it two more days rest and ice and see how I feel Thursday.

    Nike has me down as 1:56, but aim is to finish without stopping if I'm under 2 hours billy bonus,

    I have decided to take a complete week off, before I start thinking about my next half in May.
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