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    mikew1985 wrote:
    Well I was very, very concious of the packaging prior to sending it off, I also took pictures of the device pre packaging and all that as mine was going from Dublin to London (at my expense which was only 7 tbf). This was in case An Post damaged it. I would have thought you'd have some grounds to reclaim the costs from HTC or the courier as you genuinely didn't break the phone screen. I certainly wouldn't have paid for it myself under any circumstances.

    I used a lot of foam in the packaging as the guy in the post office in work was able to give me loads of really good packaging material. I would have been anal about it anyway but i was already worried enough just sending the thing through the postal system in the first place.

    Feel for you though as the phone is basically useless with the overheating bug, you cannot use wifi or applications for anything longer than 3 - 4minutes without a reboot.

    I did the same as you, took photos (as I do for all things of value I send through the post - especially ebay items), packaged it nice and safely and yet it still was broken when they received it. Sadly when you fill out the returns form there is a small bit of text saying that you agree to pay for any damages in transit. Which felt odd to me as usually the carrier will let you insure the packaged against such damages.

    It gave me the feeling that they were conducting a scam to be honest. Won't be using HTC repairs again in the near future.
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