#6852732, By Bill Gates is Evil Final Fantasy XIII is RUBBISH ! And I shall tell you why.........

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    But you haven't beaten it yet ecureuil, not that I'm holding that against you. It started out slow, yes, then it starts to get considerably better, yes, but then you realize much deeper into the game (or if you're sharper witted than I, much earlier) that you're playing a game that can only be described as a straight line. You end up later in the game realizing you're just a slave to button presses, you have no control over anything. The game gets better before getting much, much worse.

    I'm trying to think of things I liked. I liked the Crystarium. I think that might actually be it.

    I recall a friend who adores Final Fantasy, and I asked him his first impressions of XIII. He loved it-- claimed he thought it was so far the best Final Fantasy he's played. Week later, I ask how he's enjoying the game. He fucking hates it and is going to sell it. Boring story, I know, but you really need to experience the game in it's entireity before judging it. It's a straight line. It really is horrible.
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