#5760831, By CitizenGeek Iraq: A War to be Proud Of?

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    squarejawhero wrote:
    Why not read the Qu'ran? Or try another great book - The Trouble With Islam Today by Irshad Manji, a lesbian woman who retains her faith, despite her issues with the culture that surrounds aspects of it, and follows the dictum of Itjihad, or Islamic Free Thinking.

    I don't have the time to read the Koran properly (and ancient holy books are very dull). I don't think you're honestly suggesting that only those who read the Koran are entitled to an opinion on Islam. Or are you?

    I have read Irshad Manji. I'm confused as to why you'd recommend that book as a way to get a positive impression of Islam. Ms. Manji openly concedes that the only reason she can be openly gay and Muslim is because she lives in countries that are not Muslim-majority.

    I'm calling you out as ignorant, so please stop it with trying to bend my posts against me. That doesn't mean that everyone who has a problem with Islam is ignorant at all. Just you.

    But the reasons upon which you are calling an ignorant bigot apply to very many people who dislike Islam (which makes them ignorant, according to you) or have no time for it (which makes them bigots, according to you).

    You should apologise for calling me an ignorant bigot because I don't like your faith. That kind of puerile childishness, throwing your toys out of the pram bullshit is permissible in the very young but it is much less charming in adults. Look at how many people disagreed with my opinion on the war in Iraq in this thread - I never once called anyone a bigot who hates women or gays, nor did I call anyone ignorant nor did I say ANYONE was not entitled to their opinions. But because it's your "faith", you freak out because I dislike it. I'm afraid that I can't see European publics growing much fonder of Islam in the future, so I think you better get used to calling a whole lot of people bigoted and ignorant.
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