#5760495, By CitizenGeek Iraq: A War to be Proud Of?

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    Yes, I don't take seriously any claims about a God or anything supernatural because I don't believe in any such God or any such supernatural occurrences. That's basically why I don't consider the ideas of Islam to be worthwhile at all. If that's bigoted, fine. But I think you'll have to start calling Christians bigots, too, because they've decided to "close themselves" off to Islamic thinking, also. Don't forget Buddhists and Druze and Jews and Hindus too. My, that's quite a large percentage of the world's population that qualifies as bigots, right?

    I'm not "veiling" by disdain for Islam at all. I don't know how many other ways I can say this: I don't like Islam, any of it. You seem to think I have some personal vendetta against Islam, but I really don't. I have friends who are Muslims, but their Islam is something that I've only learned about by themselves making references to it. Whenever Islam is organised or whenever I see it obscuring the face of a teenage girl, it's been bad.
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