#5760379, By CitizenGeek Iraq: A War to be Proud Of?

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    I don't have to be familiar with the individual interpretations of all 1 billion + Muslims in the world to be entitled to dislike Islam, thanks. Just the other week, our college was having a Clubs & Societies Day and the LGBT stand was placed next to the Islamic Society stand just by chance .... the Islamic Soc actually physically moved their stand to the other end of the hall so that it would not be next to the gays. There's a Muslim girl in my Economics class and she has no friends because talking to her is made impossible by the disfiguring hijab she wears in the name of her religion. She may as well have "Fuck off!" stamped across her face. Even anecdotally, I don't get a good impression of Islam at all. Does that make me a bigot?
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