#5759767, By CitizenGeek Iraq: A War to be Proud Of?

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    otto wrote:
    Geek, you should also be aware that the religious authorities in Iran, despite being on the extreme end of world Islam, are far from united and most certainly do not all support the current regime or its human rights abuses.

    Well that's small comfort when the actual laws of the land mandate the execution of homosexuals and the coercion of women.

    You should also be aware that, through most of its history, Islam has always been considered generally more tolerant of homosexuality than Christianity. That's why European gays used to travel to Morocco and Egypt up until the middle of the last century when western levels of tolerance began to overtake Islamic levels of tolerance.

    Is that the case today? No, it absolutely is not. That homosexuals were not persecuted by Muslims hundreds of years ago does not in any way lessen my outrage about how Islam in general treats homosexuals today.
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