#5759374, By CitizenGeek Iraq: A War to be Proud Of?

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    kalel wrote:
    This is not being disputed, never has...

    Then, why, in the discussion on whether invading Iraq was a good idea or a bad idea, are those who proclaim the latter using the suicide attacks as proof that Western interference in Iraq was a bad idea? I'm not even being facetious here, I honestly don't get the argument. The position that the "American invasion was bad because look at the state of Iraq now, with all those suicide attacks"doesn't make sense when you admit that the suicide attacks are not the fault of the American government.

    Retroid wrote:Are you sure you mean that, and not "fanatical belief in a religion"?

    Although your phrasing does seem to fit the point I was trying to make better, it doesn't really matter. The point is, it's fanatical.
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