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    WOPR wrote:
    mal wrote:
    That is a great pic. Really has a good sense of depth. Some of the shots (e.g) have noticable compression artefacts on them - was that due to the camera settings, or down to your post processing?

    By the way, the second and third columns seem to be switched over when you click through from the thumbnails, if you know what I mean, from about a third of the way down.
    They've been overcompressed by whatever photo software he's using, there's no way they came off the camera like that. The only real criticism I've read on the DX6490 is that it sometimes over-compresses pictures, but I can't think of a single time when I've noticed it. And I've taken over 800 shots with mine now.

    For some more shots from the Kodak, and some damn fine geeky stuff to boot, click here

    And that last picture is of a massager. A massager OK?

    (None of them have been retouched, though obviously they were shrunk when iPhoto generated the gallery).

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    Yep the photos have been (over) compressed using frontpage, they came off the camera much better. I'll said that I was learning so now I know that it is better to just resize rather than resample/compress.

    Ah-ha. That is Taromina, it was on the telly the other night in "Wicker's War" and it is featured in the Intel Mobile advert , cracking place really can't fault it, want to go back now.

    I know about the wrong comments for some of the pictures, was only supposed to be for family to look at our holiday snaps, never got round to correcting it.

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