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    Well I want a Sony Xperia T.

    Just seen it. I didn't like it at all. I don't go to the cinema to watch someone go through an existential crisis, I'm going through that anyway.

    Couldn't he have dived when M gave the order to shoot as he was hearing it through his earpiece? How does he survive his fall into the waterfall, can't we see someone drag him out? Why does M have Bond's photo as her wallpaper on her laptop? M's home seems to have changed radically since the last time. Why does he wait several months to get rid of the depleted uranium shell? The new Q is a bit crap if he can't come up with anything apart from a gun with LEDs and a radio that looks like a little radio. Bond seems happy to let several people get killed (security guards in Shanghai and the the girl), what's happened between QoS and this film that's changed his character so much? Couldn't we have had an alligator pit instead of komodo dragons if we had to had an animal which ate people?

    Hate the baddy but then again I've never liked Bardem. The rogue agent in Goldeneye was much more believable than him. Typical planting a virus nonsense on a system he didn't know gets him out a place which only has electronic doors which he didn't know he'd be in. How come he knew where he would be taken to after being captured and set up the explosive years in advance in the right place to cause a diversion? With an empty tube train? If they take so much care to put Bond/MI6 in the real world (parliamentary commission, etc...) how real-world is it to just bugger off with the head of MI6 up to Scotland? In an car which if this set of films were a reboot he shouldn't even have yet? As soon as Bardem & Co show up he could have sent for help with his little radio or told someone to get up there ASAP with his Xperia. M and wossname could have got away if they didn't have a spotlight with them. Bond manages to spend quite a long time paddling round a 0şc lake without getting hypothermia which is odd considering he's not in the best condition. And finally if the second half of the film was just to write Dench out of the Bond films, it never mattered before, M changed between films and Bond acknowledged that the new M had taken over the old M's role and Moneypenny and Felix changed (Felix even changed colour) and Bond never batted an eyelid.

    At least QoS made some sense when viewed back-to-back with Casino Royale, then this one comes along and craps on both of them. Having taken so much care to set up Bond back when he first started out as 007 why just throw it all away?

    Rant, moan.

    Edited: No, Bardem wasn't in QoS.

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