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    Iain815 wrote:
    Finished it the other day, quite simply fantastic. Probably to most I've enjoyed a game since Deux Ex.

    IMO it sets the bar for stealth in FPS games. It just worked so beautifully. And every FPS from now on needs that shoot-from-cover system.

    I was actually amazed how many features from the original E3 demo years ago were in it, like the knife throw, back then I assumed it was just for show. Nothing more satisfying than a picking off an entire base one by one and finishing off the last two with a knife takedown/throw/grenade boot up the arse.
    How often do you skill points to spend.  I was getting them in singles and then the next time I looked I had 7.

    Anyways I saved them up and kept checking the skills until some more of the fun ones opened up (close quarters skills ;-)) and then spent the lot.

    I've not had a chance to try them out yet though but I reckon I'll be a knifey, multi killing, auto pickpocketing, grenade pulling ninja monster.
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