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    Don't underestimate farming, killing an extra 15 or so creeps gives you the same amount of gold as killing a champion. It also depends on who you're playing and who you're up against, though - some champions can be super aggressive and still get away relatively safely every time, while others are a free kill if the jungler comes to gank because they have no mobility. Conversely, some champions will thrive if you play too passively and let them farm without harassment (such as Singed or Nasus), so you need to get a feel for which matchups mean you should be aggressive, and which should just be a farmfest. It comes with experience, not something you can give a straight answer to (nor can one list how you should play with every single possible matchup because that would take forever).

    Generally speaking it's almost never worth feeding your opponent in order to get extra kills. Focus on last-hitting minions, getting good at that is one of the most important gameplay skills you can hone while learning the game, because it's always relevant. Having more CS than your opponent in top lane often means you'll outscale them and be more useful in teamfights even if you're both 0-0 in champion kills.

    If you're still playing lanewick a lot, he's got excellent sustain in lane with his self-healing as long as you're conservative with your mana use. On the whole, this means you should be farming your nuts off and lightly harassing your opponent knowing that they'll have to recall before you for the majority of matchups. Short trades should usually favour you because of your sustain as Warwick, but as I've said it's a matter of experience knowing when you should be cautious and when you should go balls deep. Keep at it and you'll start to pick up on these things.
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