#6741208, By Slipstream Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga

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    That dancing wench is AWFUL, I'd gladly donate her to my necromancer.

    Her first dance isn't even a dance it's more of a, look what I can do limb flailin technique.
    Her second dance is no better some reinactment of vomiting after a kebab infused night out, seriously, disgusting.

    If you've not got the tower and you're looking for an alchemist, check out thye tree under the mill it will serve as your alchemis until you get your tower, same with that necromancer dude just above the burnt chapel, you'll also get a pre-battle tower enchanter to the far west of the map once you've gained access to the 2nd part of broken valley.

    I'm enjoying travelling form immensley.
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