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    I purchased this game for 15,99€ during the Steam Summer Sale and it was worth every penny.

    The characters are deep, clever, fit the setting perfectly and look just gorgeous. In general the graphics are even for 2012 topnotch. On a similar level is the voice-acting and music, it simply sucks you into this marvelous fantasy world. The gameplay is simple but smooth, very comprehensive and it feels just satisfactory how Geralt slays his way through hordes of monsters. The very good soundtrack plays a part in that, too. The character development was fine but there was nothing remarkable about it. The itemization however and especially the placing of new stronger items wasn't quite satisfactory. Too many items could only be found towards the end of the game while for the most part of Act I & II there were only few available choices. Then there is the really strong suite of the game: the storytelling. I like making decisions that actually influence the game environment. The Witcher 2 delivers the ultimate experience with its two completely different but equally good second Act's. This is being followed up by the tough choices Geralt is being forced to make in the third Act. Though the end was a little abrupt I loved every bit of it. The boss designs had its ups and downs. The scene I enjoyed most was certainly the epic boss battle against that river octopus at the end of Act I. I felt a slight disappointment when the other boss battles couldn't deliver the same quality but I guess you can't have it all.

    I'm really excited to see more of Geralt of Rivia in the future.
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