#5165091, By Shinzou Batman Arkham Asylum in favourable comparison to the Xbox 360 version shocker!

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    m0thr4 wrote:
    @shinzou - that doesn't make any sense at all.

    @cianchristopher Instead they said stuff like "ooh the camera's a bit further back from Batman on the PS3" and "we think the lighting and shadows are better". Which is fair enough, and I'm not disputing the camera, lighting or shadows preference. But DF at least provide details on framerate drops and torn frames and anti-aliasing etc. So I'll take their word for it over the Lens of Truth.

    I find it odd that you are more bothered about torn frames and anti-aliasing (that you can't even see unless DF confirms it for you) than very obvious differences like the camera being closer in on the main character at the expense of the surrounding scenery.

    Each to their own though...

    A jaggie looks less jaggie the farther away from it you are. If you look at the shots of the Batman character on PS3 his outline looks more jaggie (less smooth) than on xbox even though he is farhter away.

    I may not be making sense...
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