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    Our recreation of Equestria is based on 'fannon' (fan ideas) by pegasisters and bronies from the popular 2010 TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you would like to be part of this project, we are always looking for new folks to join in and create a house in any of our numerous towns throughout Equestria. Some of our projects include a Village of Fluffy ponies and an Inferno Tricorn Encampment

    We Offer a Variety of Different Factions & PvP Worlds. From custom End terrain to terraformed landmarks, our server will offer a truly unique PvP experience. Unique inventories on a per-world basis relieve the hassle of risking hard work of gathering and building that comes with our basic Survival Worlds.

    To alleviate players from the routine tasks of gathering materials the conventional way, we set up fun and enjoyable mini games such as a Spleef and Mob Arena. Through these unique games, players are allowed to either team up or work against one another to unlock rare and unusual items, and perhaps some bits on the side.

    Supernatural Players allows players to do all sorts of crazy things that alter the experience in both the Survival and PvP. From Demons to Angels, Vampires to Werewolves, Enderborn to Ghoul, WarSoul has you covered. With these dynamic classes, you may find your gameplay change in quite the surprising manor. Do you have what it takes to unlock these different classes and colonize your empire?

    Custom terrain sculpted with World Painter and Voxel Sniper add a unique experience, and many great and strategic places to build that house of yours, weather it's built to keep out creepers or enemy players, WarSoul hopes to give players one of a kind worlds to call home.

    Sonic the Hedgehog fans, Listen up! This server will be a unique experience for you! With Doctor Eggman constantly fighting for control of Equestria, and entire recreations from Sonic 1, 2, and 3, (With More on the way) players can try their hand at a unique parkour and boss battle experience only found here on WarSoul!
    Apply For Membership Here.

    Back when my friends and I started this server, we were tired of having to struggle with problems such as paying for chest protection, admin abuse, unfair PvP, requiring donations for world guard, and towny taxation. We decided to make the change.

    Now it's your turn to experience WarSoul

    A Community that does not discriminate based on beliefs.

    A Server that provides structure for every type of player interest.

    A server that unites admins and players.

    Our Goal Is To Provide a Fun Escape
    To allow you to be who you want to be.
    To avoid forcing donations.

    For a Basic Overview of the Server we:
    Provide a Broad Range of Play Styles (Factions/Creative/PvP/Challenge Courses)
    Do not discriminate over beliefs, we love and tolerate!
    Are friendly towards bronies, furries, and other fandoms
    Do not require ANY money from anyone for privellages
    Give everyone equal chance to rank up
    provide rights to change titles/nicknames for Roleplay
    Help players elaborate on their ideas (I.E. Building Eggman Empire)
    Have a "Report Abuse" forum and a Player Connect board
    Encourage Admin to Player Connection and Teamwork
    Engineer custom terrain and setup dragon flights between land masses.
    Setup Minecraft Physics to Immitate that of the Portal Franchise
    Have cleared the sky of clouds in 10 seconds flat!
    Gotten our power level over 9000!
    Apply For Membership Here.

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