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    So, the new episode. In the interests of balance, good points and bad:

    -The bits with Merle. Him drinking in the car, his little conversations with Carol, Michionne, Daryl, and above all the genius of that attack at the end. Sure, it didn't work out (and seriously, wtf @ the Governor being able to dismantle a military-trained man so easily), but it was a great plan, and a great scene.

    I kind of wanted to see Merle get developed a bit more and maybe somehow fit into the group, but I guess his story had run its course

    -Just in general the scenes involving characters that are separated from the group and going off doing their own thing. The show is much better with episodes that only focus on a few characters

    -Rick. While I liked the conclusion of the "let's give Michionne to the Governor" story with Merle's attack, the fact that Rick was even considering handing her over in the first place beggars belief, and screams "we are killing time here until the finale". Just two weeks ago he seemed to be mostly against the idea. Now magically at the start of the episode he is for it. Then against it again.

    Forget the morality of it. The fact of the matter is that Rick is placing trust in someone that he has no reason to trust, and every reason not to trust. And this is after rejecting Tyreese earlier in the season, who is basically a black Jesus. The dithering around does not make sense for him and, again, makes it feel like these episodes are just filling in time until the finale.

    Rick made his first good decision in a long time at the end, where he decided that he doesn't get to make decisions anymore. Thank fuck.
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