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    Tonka wrote:
    That was a soul crushing episode. The following are much brighter. But I fear that ultimately everything is bound to go straight to hell.
    Hmm. Ultimately everyone's fucked, I get that. I don't think the world is coming back from a zombie apocalypse! ;) When you say 'brighter', do you mean much more fun and less depressing? I deleted the whole lot in a bit of a rage-quit after I had to turn off ep 4 just as they cut her open.

    It's weird, the older I get (I'm 37) the less entertained I am by stories of death and suffering and misery. Pretty much any show, documentary or movie that I know is going to be bleak or upsetting I just don't even bother with now, although I have no issues with games doing the same thing - seems like watching it acted out by real humans is too close to the bone. Life's too short to wilfully do that to yourself, it feels like. I took the first Black Mirror 2 off my 'must watch' list after I found out what it was about.

    Weird, ten years ago I'd totally have loved it and thought it was the best telly *ever* for doing what they did in ep 4 of TWD. I still do admire it, but fuck putting myself through it! I felt the same after that show about the journo out in the Gulf, what was that called? That was so distressing and frustrating, I was in tears by the end.

    I guess if anything this is an endorsement of how well made these shows are, if nothing else! ;)

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