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    I'm afraid I had to finally toss in the towel with this show this weekend, after being unable to sit through the last 10 minutes of episode 4 (the birth). I knew Sarah's death was coming, having read the books (although wasn't she bit in the books? I forget) but I'm just fed up of the relentlessly bleak tone, the terrible losses, the never-ending sense of doom. For some reason I enjoy the books and the game but this show started really well and just got so depressing, and throughout most of the second series, so slow.

    It's probably the most realistic depiction of what happens in a zombie apocalypse yet. It's just also unbearably depressing. Shame, because it's so incredibly well made. But I stopped looking forward to the next episode a few eps into season 2 and I don't think I'll even bother any more.

    Not slagging it off, just using the thread to share my experience. Good show. Just bnot for me any more :(
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